The Roy Wilmering Scout Cabin is located adjacent to Miller Park on Park District property. The cabin’s mission is to provide a safe, secure, comfortable and convenient  meeting place for area youth organizations.  The cabin is administered by an all volunteer board and funded by a combination of Barrington Area United Way funds, service club and private donations.


Constructed in 1934, using donated funds, materials, tools and WPA manpower, the cabin has seen generations of Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts and Campfire Girls come through its’ doors. The cabin is available for use by any youth organizations as well as other not for profit groups, but not for use for private parties or other private use.


To schedule a meeting at the cabin, please contact the Cabin Secretary at


Please send donations to:

The Roy Wilmering Scout Cabin

P.O. Box 545

Barrington, IL 60011