Have the Slime of your Life Birthday Bash

For Ages: 6-12 Years

Kids will have the slime of their life making and interacting with GOO with all their friends at the ultimate SLIMEOLOGY themed birthday party! Is it a liquid or a solid? Learn the physics of goo while making a batch of it. Then hang out in the ultimate slime lab with loads of creative slimes and splat balls too! Kids will have a blast arming themselves with goggles, test tubes, and more for this extremely messy experience. Slime games too! A slime themed snack is served and a souvenir of slime goes home with all kids! Slime Snack: Either Fruit Snack Gushers, Marshmallows “slimed” with frosting, or Cadbury chocolate creme eggs. 


Instructor: Lisa Lombardi
Fee: $275/$300
Location: F&RC Multi-Purpose B and Party Room