Early Childhood - Programs


Your child will enjoy quality child care in our fully equipped child-care room while you take classes yourself or attend classes with other siblings.

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Preschool Drawing by Young Rembrandts (FALL)

For Ages: 3½ - 5 years

Drawings like the marbles will help your preschooler master the art of creating a circle, a deceptively simple yet complex shape.

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Glitzy Girlz: Think “Pink” Event (FALL)

For Ages: 4-10 Years

Glitzy Girlz will make a donation to the Breast Cancer Foundation at the end of October. Our Glitzy team will be doing hair, make-up and nails all in PINK. Each girl will decorate a craft in pink shades and design a pink crystal bracelet with charm.

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Glitzy Girls: Daddy/DaughterHoliday Memories Gift Night (FALL)

For Ages: 3-10 Years With Dad

Each couple will make three gifts: Ceramic item, wood frame item (you can have your photo taken) and beaded jewelry piece. A gift wrapping station will help conceal your treasures with gift tags and ribbons.

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Tot Time Gym (FALL)

For Ages: 8 - 30 Months With Parent

This is a great class for you and your little one! Parent/child format encourages interaction between you and your tot; perfect for the active child.

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Superkids (FALL)

For Ages: 12-36 Months

Get that energy out! Your toddlers will have a blast while doing obstacle courses and playing rhythm instruments, bubbles, balls, parachutes, large mats, building blocks and much more!

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Sibling Adventures (FALL)

For Ages: 6 Months - 4 Years With Parent

This class is perfect for those with both babies and preschoolers. Babies will love interacting with their older siblings and Mom, Dad or caregiver through play, motor activities, music and games.

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Tot Rock by Rock 'n' Kids (FALL)

For Ages: 12-24 Months (WITH PARENT)

Maracas and clackers and tambourines, too; it’s musical fun just for you! Tot Rock is a unique music and learning program designed specifically for 1 year olds.

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Kid Rock by Rock 'n' Kids (FALL)

For Ages: 2-3 Years (WITH PARENT)

Fine and gross motor skills are improved through imagination exercises, and by using rhythm instruments and movement props such as tambourines, maracas, scarves and a parachute.

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Little Linguists; “Playing with Mandarin” (FALL)

For Ages: 18-36 Months (WITH PARENT); 3-5 Years (WITHOUT PARENT)

“Playing with Mandarin” is a great addition to your child’s day. We will learn in a fun, interactive and enjoyable environment.

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Music Masters 2 (FALL)

For Ages: 18-36 Months With Parent

Music is the perfect way to engage energy, independence and social awareness. Creative music, movement, rhythmic books and purposeful instrument play stimulate language and motor development.

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Music Masters 1(FALL)

For Ages: 8 - 20 Months with Parent

Music is essential to your baby's development. Rhythmic books and multi-sensory music activities are used to help families enhance language development and motor skills and stimulate an early love of music.

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Music Masters 3 (FALL)

For Ages: 36 Months and Up with Parent

Engage your child socially and take the next step in music education as music theory and language are introduced through music games. Our unique combination of intelligent music and movement activities make this class the perfect preschool compliment.

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Tumbling 101 (FALL)

For Ages: 3-10 Years

This class is for beginners. This a great way to learn a strong tumbling foundation.

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Broadway Tots: Annie Jr. (FALL)

For Ages 3-4 Years

An introduction to musical theatre! Broadway Tots will explore the beginning fundamentals of theatre and working together to perform.

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