Purpose & Philosophy

The Barrington Park District offers a variety of Challenge Programs designed to meet the needs of a wide diversity of groups. All our programs are designed to bring together or strengthen your group and are tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. We believe that participants absorb more when they are physically, socially, intellectually and emotionally involved in the learning process. Our trained facilitators engage groups in activities that allow the participants to take ownership of their learning. Each program allows time for the participants to discuss the experience and relate the learning outcomes back to “real world” situations.


The Teams Challenge Course

A variety of problem-based initiatives await the team as they are given challenges that might use ropes, cables, platforms, boards or a 12-foot wall. All challenges require teamwork from every member in order to accomplish the goal. Individual strengths are highlighted and the small group size allows for participation by everyone. These challenges take place on or near the ground and require focus, cooperation and trust. Over 20 stations are spread throughout the wooded trails.


Ages 5th Grade - Adult
Group Size: 8 - 15 Participants (4 Hours)
Cost: $200 Non-Profit/$300 Corporate




The GeoTeam Challenge

Using a GPS, map and clues, small groups work together to find hidden caches. Hike through the forest, cross over a marsh, and view water fowl and wildflowers along the way. Team building challenges may be interspersed as the
group travels from one cache to the next.


Ages 4th Grade - Adult
Group Size: 5 - 9 Participants (3 Hours)
Cost: $150 Non-Profit/$225 Corporate




Cooperative Games

For the younger group, we offer a Cooperative Games program that provides kids with teambuilding skills in a fun and active environment. Games stress cooperation, communication, strategy and good sportsmanship.

Ages: 1st - 5th Grade
Group Size: 10 - 15 Participants
Cost: $100 Non-Profit Group






Portable Program

 If you can’t enjoy our programs at Ron Beese Park, let us come to you! We’ll bring along portable team building activities and games that require no permanent equipment, just a large meeting space, indoors or out.


Ages 1st Grade - Adult
Group Size: 8 - 12 Participants (2 Hour Minimum. Includes travel time within a 50 mile radius of Barrington, IL)
Cost: $75 Non-Profit Group per Hour/$115 Corporate per Hour