Food Club Science

For Ages: 6-12 Years

Learn the extraordinary science behind all your favorite foods! Why are potato chips so addicting? What is the science of ice cream in a bag? Is cotton candy really that bad for you? What do astronauts eat in space? How about those hot dogs, should we eat them? How can you make a warm waffle cone in less than a minute?

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Have the Slime of Your Life: Oobleck Lab

For Ages: 5-12 Years

First introduced in the Dr. Seuss book, Bartholomew and the Oobleck, kids will have a blast interacting with Oobleck front and center. Attendees can gear up with lab coats, goggles, test tubes in hand and more to have the ultimate messy experience. Also, 7 other types of slime will be introduced in the lab.

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