Have the Slime of Your Life Halloween Version (FALL)

For Ages: 6-12 Years


Have the slime of your life making and interacting with Halloween themed GOO! Is it a liquid or a solid? Learn the physics of goo while making your own batch of it in our lab. Then hang out in the ultimate slime lab with loads of various slimes and splat balls too!  Bonus: Alien baby embryo slime eggs to investigate! Kids will have a blast in the “Concoction Center” customizing their slime and arming themselves with goggles, test tubes, squirters and more for this extremely messy experience. A slime themed snack is served and a souvenir of slime goes home with all kids!


Minimum/Maximum: 6/12 people
Instructor: Lisa Lombardi
Location: F&RC - Multi-Purpose B


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