Specialty Programs

Glitzy Girlz: Night Out - Flower Power

For Ages: 4-10 Years

Our staff will pamper you with an updo hairstyle with flower accents, sparkle, plus makeup and nail application with flower nail decals. Each participant will design her own flower ceramic craft and design a beaded bracelet with flower charm.

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Glitzy Girlz: Parent & Me - Princess & Pirate Hidden Treasure Trunk

For Ages: 3-9 Years WITH PARENT

Dress up in your favorite retro outfit, bring your pals, and join the Glitzy Girlz staff!

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Manners 101 for Scouts

For All Girl/Boy Scout Troops

Girl and Boy Scouts can earn their Manners badge!

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Glitzy Girlz: Neon Night

For Ages: 4-11 Years

Our staff will give each girl a makeover with neon hairspray, braid, makeup and neon polish application on nails. Each guest will design her own cool neon beaded bracelet.

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Ultimate Classes & Parties: American Girl Doll Sweetheart's Day

For Ages: 3-12 Years (Ages 3 - 5 Must be Accompanied by a Parent)

Girls, you will not want to miss this special American Girl birthday party in honor of your favorite doll.

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Food Club Science

For Ages: 6-12 Years

Learn the extraordinary science behind all your favorite foods! Why are potato chips so addicting? What is the science of ice cream in a bag? Is cotton candy really that bad for you? What do astronauts eat in space? How about those hot dogs, should we eat them? How can you make a warm waffle cone in less than a minute?

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One Life Cooking

For Ages: 10-13 Years

Each week, your child will work together alongside their friends and our culinary coach in creating the week’s recipe dish. Once the cooking is finished, children will then sit down with their friends and enjoy their culinary creation. Children will receive a recipe of each dish they create.

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Have the Slime of Your Life: Oobleck Lab

For Ages: 5-12 Years

First introduced in the Dr. Seuss book, Bartholomew and the Oobleck, kids will have a blast interacting with Oobleck front and center. Attendees can gear up with lab coats, goggles, test tubes in hand and more to have the ultimate messy experience. Also, 7 other types of slime will be introduced in the lab.

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Mah Jongg - Continued Beginner

For Ages: Adults

Choosing your hands is one of the hardest things to accomplish as a new player. This class will focus on effective and analysis of hand selections. A better knowledge of the NMJL 2015 card will be highly encouraged and could result in achieving a better outcome and game success.

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Mah Jongg: Beginner

For Ages: Adults

Come join this class to be part of the millions of players that already enjoy the game called Mah Jongg! It’s a fascinating rummy-like game played with tiles rather than cards.

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Puppy/Dog Obedience & Training

Dog Ages: 10+ Weeks; Trainer Ages; 10+ Years

Your puppy will learn only by positive and gentle reinforcement.

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