Join us for Yoga with our certified instructors: Kathy Gudonis, Lauren Hinkle, Holly Madden, Emily Trevail, Nikki Nolan and Catherine Nealey. You’ll enjoy increased flexibility and muscular strength, reduced stress, improved posture and joint stability and heightened well-being. For all classes, please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a mat or large towel (mats are available for use). A small towel is also recommended. Sorry, no make-ups for missed classes.

Yoga and Mimosas? Introducing Mimo-ga In Color

For Ages: 21 Years and Up

Enjoy a relaxing, but invigorating yoga session led by Kathy then stay for a mimosa while you learn how coloring, yes coloring relaxes your soul and takes you to an imaginative place that is therapeutic and beautiful.

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Teen Yoga - All Levels (Summer)

For Ages: 10-15 Years

Reduce the stress of everyday school and social life, boost self-confidence, tone and shape your body and improve your health and well-being.

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Yoga Restore - Beginner (Summer)

For Ages: 16 Years & Up

You will learn basic Hatha yoga postures while concentrating on proper body alignment, stretching, mindful breathing and balance.

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Yoga Tone - Intermediate (Summer)

For Ages: 16 Years and Up

Use weights, and more strength-based poses for a Yoga experience different from traditional Yoga. Tone, firm and lengthen your muscles while still practicing yoga poses and techniques.

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Yoga Challenge - Intermediate/Advanced (Summer)

For Ages: 16 Years and Up

More challenging options and techniques help you learn how to effectively strengthen the abs and low back, tone the upper and lower body, and achieve a deeper flexibility level.

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Yoga Jr. (Summer)

For Ages: 7-10 Years

Your child will learn basic yoga poses, stretching and breathing, but with a less concentrated atmosphere than a traditional Yoga workout.

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Yoga with Intrinity Board (Summer)

For Ages: 14 Years and Up

Experience familiar poses like downward dog, bridge, warrior poses and more while also learning a whole new path to flexibility. This class uses both board and a traditional yoga mat allowing participants to truly work at a pace that works for you.

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