Youth - Athletics

Developmental Basketball League (D-League) (FALL)

For Ages: 6-8 Years (Grades 1-2)

This is the perfect program for younger boys and girls who just can’t wait to dive into basketball. For this program, the baskets are lowered to eight feet and smaller basketballs are used.

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Boys’ & Girls’ League Basketball: Grades 3 - 8

For Ages: 8-14 Years

Players of all skill levels are encouraged to participate in this high-energy league for budding hoops players. Whether your child is new to the game or looking to improve basketball skills, this program is the perfect way to have fun playing hoops!

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Learn to Play by Barrington Ice Arena (FALL)

For Ages: 3-12 Years

The Learn to Play program ensures players learn the fundamentals of the game along with the life lessons in teamwork, good sportsmanship, and discipline. Learn to play participants must possess the ability to skate forward/backwards, cross over (at least one way), and stop.

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Learn-to-Skate by Barrington Ice Arena (FALL)

For Ages: 3-12 Years

The Learn to Skate program provides a goal oriented atmosphere that encourages ice skating at all levels.

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W. Kim Taekwondo (FALL)

For Ages: 2½ Years and Up

Martial arts is great fun for kids and a great way to give them a head start in life. For over 25 years, the masters and instructors at W. Kim Taekwondo have been teaching the positive benefits of self-discipline and confidence to help the children develop coordination and increase their strength and flexibility.

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Junior Tennis Beg./Adv. Beg. (FALL)

For Ages: 8-13 Years

Taught by USTA Certified Instructors Youth gain a solid foundation to maximize tennis improvement and enjoyment. All youth classes are taught by top area tennis professionals.

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Junior Tennis - QuickStart 1 & 2 (FALL)

For Ages: 4-7 Years

Quick Start Tennis is used to help develop skills and play tennis games utilizing smaller sized rackets, low compression tennis balls, and smaller court sizes. This program develops proper technique and is great for all ages.

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Volleyball - Skills & Drills by EVP Academies (FALL)

For Ages: 9 - 14 years (Grades 4-8)

Improve your volleyball game with 60 minutes of drills in setting, passing, overhand serving and spiking.

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Volleykidz™ by EVP Academies (FALL)

For Ages: 5 - 9 Years (Grades K-3)

Introduce your child to the fun of volleyball! Volleykidz is an introductory class for children in kindergarten through grade 2.

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High-Performance Indoor Volleyball Camp (FALL)

For Ages: 8-14 Years (Grades 3-8)

Join current and former players and coaches for a fun indoor camp! These fun coaches help prepare your child for competitive play while having a fun and educational time.

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Floor Hockey League by All Star Sports Instruction (FALL)

For Ages: 4-9 Years

All aspects of the game will be taught, including goal tending, puck control, shooting, passing, along with offensive and defensive strategies. The players will also focus on team play and sportsmanship.

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Floor Hockey Skills by All Star Sports Instruction (FALL)

For Ages: 7-9 Years

Players will learn the proper mechanics of stick handling, puck control, passing and shooting while they get a great workout from the speed and agility drills designed to help each player’s game. Instructors will focus on balance and stamina while working on in-game knowledge and mechanics.

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Youth Track & Field by SportsKids Inc. (FALL)

For Ages: 7-12 Years

Participants will learn the fundamentals involved with proper stretching, body positioning, developing core strength, and improving balance as they relate to the jumping, running and throwing skills involved in the sport of track and field.

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Soccer by 5 Star Sports (FALL)

For Ages: 3-8 Years

All the necessary skills will be covered that will enhance their confidence and prepare them for future play. Dribbling, passing, shooting and teamwork will be priorities during every class.

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T-Ball Skills Clinics by 5 Star Sports (FALL)

For Ages: 3-7 Years

Pick up a bat, put on a glove, and get out to the baseball diamond with 5 Star Sports! Our T-Ball classes teach the fundamentals in a fun and interactive way with the kids.

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