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Snowplow Sam (Summer)

For Ages: 3 - 5 years

An introductory class for skaters with no prior skating experience. Skaters will build confidence while learning the basic skills of skating in an atmosphere of fun, using games and ice safe toys.

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Soccer by 5 Star Sports (Summer)

For Ages: 3 - 8 years

Every child should experience the world's most popular game in a way that will put the "fun" in fundamental. All the necessary skills will be covered that will enhance their confidence and prepare them for future play. Dribbling, passing, shooting and teamwork will be priorities during every class. Shin guards are optional.

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Sportsters Camp

For Ages: 6-11 years by the first day of camp

This camp is perfect for your young athlete that is looking to get a taste of a TON of sports and athletic activities. Our Sportsters will be engaging in many favorite sports like basketball, soccer, baseball, and football, as well as "backyard" activities such as ultimate dodgeball, disc golf, obstacle courses, relay races, cone ball and more!

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T-Ball Skills Clinics by 5 Star Sports (Summer)

For Ages: 3 - 7 years

Our T-Ball classes teach the fundamentals in a fun and interactive way with the kids. In this program, your little one will learn to hit, throw, field, and run the bases like a pro! Bats are provided, so we only ask that you bring your own glove. Our coaches engage the kids and work to make sure every child is involved and learning.

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The First Tee Junior Golf Program (Summer)

For Ages: 7 - 16 years

While learning the fundamentals of a golf swing, The First Tee incorporates character education in a fun, active learning environment. Through The First Tee, young people build confidence, develop respect and appreciate the value of giving back to their community all the while learning the lifelong sport of golf!

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Track For Kids (Summer)

For Ages: 7 - 10 Years

In this class, athletes learn basic track concepts while being encouraged to do their best one step at a time. Starting with a warm-up and ending with a cool-down, each class outlines competition in track events focusing on fundamentals, effort and consistency. Goals will be met. ItÂ’s time to get moving and improving!

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