Athletics: High School Basketball Program (Jan./Feb.)

Grades 9 - 12

Sec.# 01
Legends League
2/12 – 4/30
7:00pm; 7:30pm

Sec.# 02
Ballers League
2/12 – 4/30
5:30pm; 6:00pm

Sec.# 03
Bush League
2/12 – 4/30
4:00pm; 4:30pm

NO GAMES: 3/19, 3/26


The High School Basketball Program has never been more fast-paced and exciting! This new 3v3, short court, format is sure to bring some high intensity action to the hardwood. Three skill levels will be available; Legends League for those players for looking to compete against the toughest talent, Ballers League for those looking for a mix of competition and fun, and the Bush League for those players looking to play some casual basketball with their friends. 

  Each league will have a max of 16 teams (48 total players)

  The first 16 teams to have 3 registered players will receive a spot in their respective league

  Each player MUST sign up individually roster (please indicate both teammates’ name when registering)

  Teams MUST have 3 players on the roster (please indicate both teammates’ name when registering)

  ONLY 3 players allowed per team, no subs allowed

  Players may NOT sub between teams or leagues (doing so will result in player’s removal from the league)

  No Free Agents; MUST sign up as part of a team (please indicate both teammates’ names when registering)

  I.D.’s will be checked before EVERY game

  All games will be officiated by a certified referee.

  Face Coverings MUST be worn anytime in the building, except while participating in gameplay

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