Athletics: Youth Karate (Jan./Feb.)

8 - 14 years

Sec.# 01
Thursday’s (5 wks)
1/14 – 2/11
6:00 – 6:55pm
Location: F&RC – Multi-Purpose A

Sec.# 02
Thursday’s (5 wks)
2/18 – 3/18
6:00 – 6:55pm
Location: LAC – Gym

Develop strength, coordination, agility and self-esteem. Youth and family karate train together.

The style of our club is Shotokan Karate. We believe it takes extreme courage to do great things. We are the karate club that believes in the power of the human spirit, therefore, we teach everyone; from those with limited mobility, to the gifted athlete. We have the courage to see the beauty and power inside all of us. We strive to bring out the greatness inside of ourselves and others. We support and care for each other. The accomplishments of one are the accomplishments of us all! Tests are offered at the end of each session. If a student qualifies for a belt test there is a $15 fee (no fee for stripe tests).

Discounts given for signing up multiple family members. To receive discount, please register in-person at the front desk or email your receipt to

Instructor: Kon Jo Karate Club Staff

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