Music Masters 1 (Winter/Spring)

8 - 20 months with parent

Music Masters by Music-in-the-Box is an irresistible music education program for very young children that engages the mind, body and sense. Classes are designed around developmental stages, and ages are a guide. All weekly attending children must be registered. Please bring $20 to the instructor on your first class for suggested materials. Visit for more information.

Music is essential to your baby’s development. Rhythmic books and multi-sensory music activities are used to help families enhance language development and motor skills and stimulate an early love of music.

Class Themes
Sec.# 01: A Teddy Bears Picnic
Sec.# 02: I Love You, You’re Adorable
Sec.# 03: Cat Came Back

Instructors: Music-In-The-Box Staff

Locations: F&RC – Multi-Purpose Room B

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