Music Masters 3 (Winter/Spring)

36 months and older with adult

Music Masters by Music-in-the-Box is an irresistible music education program for very young children that engages the mind, body and sense. Classes are designed around developmental stages, and ages are a guide. All weekly attending children must be registered. Please bring $20 to the instructor on your first class for suggested materials. Visit for more information.

Engage your child socially and take the next step in music education as music theory and language are introduced through music games. Our unique combination of intelligent music and movement activities make this class the perfect preschool compliment. This course is especially appropriate for families considering instrument lessons.

Class Themes
Sec.# 01: A Teddy Bear Picnic
Sec.# 02: I Love You, You’re Adorable
Sec.# 03: Cat Came Back

Instructor: Music-In-The-Box Staff

Location: F&RC – Multi-Purpose Room B

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