Science: Wacky Winter Wonderland Adventure

5 - 12 years

Sec.# 01
6:00 – 7:00pm

Let’s play with winter! No snow on the ground? No problem! We will make our own fluffy faux snow. Color it, scent it, and more! If there is snow present, we will do experiments to mix it and make great discoveries! Also, explore eye-popping pine-cone science and the mystery of how icicles grow so long. Then, while playing the song “HOT CHOCOLATE,” we will learn the history and science of the sticky- mushy marshmallow that floats in your hot chocolate cup! Lastly, we will have a marvelous social adventure as we enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and some winter themed donuts. Winter truly is an avalanche of wild and wacky fun! Drop off class. Kids keep the faux snow they make.

Instructor: Lisa Lombardi Coaching Inc.

Location F&RC – Preschool B

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