W. Kim Taekwando (Winter/Spring)

4 years and up

Martial arts is great fun for kids… and a great way to give them a head start in life. For over 25 years, the masters and instructors at W. Kim Taekwondo have been teaching the positive benefits of self-discipline and confidence to help the children develop coordination and increase their strength and flexibility. Because respect is built into martial arts, children develop the ability to listen, learn and achieve within a highly regulated environment of trust and encouragement. With a right balance of exercise and skills training that will build endurance, strength, flexibility and mental toughness, students learn the principles of respect, willpower, and the satisfaction of doing their best. When they have the determination to step up and give it their best effort, they are always rewarded with the prize of personal satisfaction. We teach the fundamentals by combining the time-tested Eastern philosophy of martial arts with a modern approach of Western teaching philosophy. We offer a well-balanced program for adults and children that emphasizes respect, self-esteem, fitness and integrity. We follow a 1:8 ratio- when there are more than eight students, an additional instructor will be added. Please visit www.wkimtaekwondo.com for more information.

Instructors: W. Kim Taekwando Instructors

Locations: F&RC – Multi-Purpose Room A or W. Kim in Palatine (724 W. Euclid Ave.)

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