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Colbalt Lunch, Studio Winery & Ginger Blossom

Thursday, April 9
9:30am – 5:30pm
Fee: $81/$86
Location: Depart F&RC – Lobby for Lake Geneva

Start your trip with a relaxing lunch at the Cobalt Lounge in Fontana, WI. It has, by far, one of the most spectacular views of Geneva Lake. Lunch will include Yacht Club chicken wrap, sweet potato fries, dessert and coffee/soda. Next, we head to The Studio Winery in Lake Geneva for the “Musician Wine Tasting.” Taste the Amadeus, Coltrane, Axl, Ringo and Hendrix wines which range from dry to sweet. Purchase a bottle of your favorite! Our final stop is the eclectic Ginger Blossom store in Spring Grove, which carries ethnic and traditional crafts, rugs, furniture, sweaters, antiques and more from all over the world.

Registration deadline: March 23 (spaces permitting).

Transportation provided via Park District van.

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