Registration Requirements:

    •  All participants are required to be registered for the program they are attending.
      Registration forms must be completed or online registration process completed.
      Payments must be paid in full.
      Participant waiver must be signed and dated by parent, guardian or participant – over 18 years of age.


Residency Requirements

“In-district residents” refers to those who live inside the Barrington Park District boundaries and who pay taxes to the Barrington Park District. “Out-of-district” or “non-residents” refers to those who live outside these boundaries. Out-of-district memberships are available by calling (847) 381-0687.

Accommodations for Persons with Disabilities

The Barrington Park District is pleased to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibiting discrimination on the basis of disability. ADA requires that recreation programs offered be available in the most integrated setting appropriate for each individual. For all programs, participants must be fully restroom trained. If diapers or incontinent aids are used, the participant/parent must be able to provide their own personal care. Those who use the Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) may reach the Park District through the Illinois Relay Center seven days a week at 1(800) 526-0844. Persons with disabilities are encouraged to contact the Park District at (847) 381-0687 and fill out proper paperwork regarding special accommodations needed for enjoyment of and inclusion in Park District programs.

Anti-Discrimination Policy

The Barrington Park District does not discriminate against any person participating in Park District programs, activities, or services on the basis of sex, race, religion or cultural background.

Code of Conduct

All individuals on Park District property and in Park District programs are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior at all times. All individuals shall:
  Show respect to participants/staff/others, and take directions from staff.
  Refrain from using abusive or foul language.
  Refrain from causing bodily harm to self, participants, staff or others.
  Show respect to equipment, supplies, and facilities.
Individuals who do not conform to this Code of Conduct will be subject to suspension from the program or dismissal depending on the frequency, nature and severity of any infraction, including immediate dismissal, all to be determined at the discretion of the Director.

Behavior Procedures for Participants

Staff will make every effort to assist participants in correcting any unacceptable behavior through re-direction, reminders of expected conduct and parent conference. Staff will help the participant develop self-control and assume responsibility for their own behavior based on four overall rules:
  A participant may not disturb or hurt others, verbally or physically.
  A participant may not damage school or Park District equipment.
  A participant may not place themselves and/or others in dangerous situations.
  A participant must respect and follow staff direction.
If unacceptable behavior continues, the staff will implement the appropriate procedures as outlined in the Park District policy manual.

Improper Speech and Conduct

No person shall use any abusive, threatening, indecent, profane, or obscene language, or language calculated to occasion a breach of the peace, nor be guilty of any indecent act or behavior in the Park District.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited inside any Park District facility.


Alcohol Policy

Alcohol is not permitted in any park or facility. Special procedures, application and fees are required for special use and/or rental. 


Use of Cellular Phones in Park District Facilities

  To ensure privacy to the patrons of the Barrington Park District in certain areas such as locker rooms and washrooms, the following policy regarding cell phones has been implemented. This policy will affect ALL cellular phone usage in these areas.
  The Barrington Park District prohibits the use of any device capable of recording, producing, duplicating, reproducing, storing, copying, transmitting or displaying any type of pictures from all Barrington Park District restrooms, locker rooms, or anywhere else where patrons expect privacy.
  Individuals observed using cellular phones in these areas will be asked to stop or leave the area. Failure to comply could result in the person(s) being banned from Park District property.  Those individuals using cellular phones and taking or transmitting pictures from these areas will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Class Cancellation Policies

A 10% (or a max of $10) administrative fee per program, per participant, will be assessed. Cancellation requests MUST be in writing using the Program Cancellation Request Form. The form must be completely filled out, signed and dated. The request for a cancellation must be received a minimum of five business days prior to the first day of class for a cancellation request to be considered. The Program Cancellation Request Form can be found on our website or at the F&RC Front Desk.

Some programs may qualify for a prorated refund, if due to an injury or illness, accompanied by a doctor’s note. Refund amount will be based on the number of classes attended and the date the refund request is received. Medical refunds must be requested by the last class date.

You may choose to have the refunded amount credited to your household account to use at a later date, or receive your refund via check. Refund checks are mailed to approximately 2-3 weeks after the cancellation request is approved. All Preschool, K.E.E.P. and Ski Club registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Refunds will not be issued for make-up classes you are unable to attend.

Photo Policy

On occasion, Park District staff may photograph or videotape participants in Park District programs/classes or at park events/facilities. These photos are for Park District use only and may be used in publications, brochures, pamphlets, flyers and/or video products. If you do not wish to have your photo taken, please inform the photographer.


Social Media Policy

This policy is to set forth guidelines for the utilization of social media and social network sites that enhance the Barrington Park District’s communication and provides information to the public, without violating individuals’ right to free speech. Social media encourages followers to share thoughts, opinions and other comments on our social media platforms. However, all of these “posts/comments” should be done in a respectful manner. Posts/comments are not edited by staff; but if they are found to be in violation of this policy, the post can be hidden or removed by the Barrington Park District’s Marketing Department.

Posts/comments (including screen names and profile pictures) will be removed if they contain any of the following:

  • Copyright or trademark violations
  • Political campaigns or ballot measures
  • Heated, elevated or inappropriate discussion
  • Obscene, profane, violent, threatening, hateful, harassing or offensive language and/or content
  • Name-calling or personal attacks, including discrimination based on race, creed, color, age, religion, gender, marital status, national origin, physical or mental disability, physical appearance, sexual orientation or financial status
  • Defamation or accusations of criminal conduct or immoral activity to a person or people
  • Nudity or sexual content
  • Conduct or encouragement of illegal activity
  • Invasion of an individual’s right to privacy
  • Solicitations, advertisements or endorsements
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Spam

The Barrington Park District reserves the right to not respond to social media posts that are condemning, negative or unbeneficial to the public. Not engaging in these types of responses prevents a continuous negative two-way engagement that is detrimental to the Barrington Park District. In addition, the Barrington Park District is not liable for the content of the posts to its various social media accounts and reserves the right to restrict or remove any content deemed in violation of the Barrington Park District’s Public Comment Policy stated above or any applicable law.

In addition, the Barrington Park District can choose to remove/block a follower if that follower’s posts violate the Barrington Park District’s Public Comment Policy as stated above.

Negative comments, criticism or praise to any Barrington Park District social media post cannot be removed from any Barrington Park District social media platform, unless there is a violation of our Social Media Policy. The commenter can be blocked from future posts to Barrington Park District platforms, at the discretion of the Barrington Park District.

Lost and Found

“Found” items will be kept at the Fitness and Recreation Center for approximately 30 days.  After that 30-day period, items will be disposed at the discretion of the District’s Executive Director. Items that are usable by the District (sports equipment, towels, etc.) may become District property and be put into use. 

Offering Articles for Sale

No person shall offer or exchange for sale any article or thing, or do any hawking, peddling, or soliciting, or buy or offer to buy an article or thing, or take up any collection, or solicit to receive contributions of money or anything of value in the Park District except when authorized to do so by permit from or contract with the Executive Director.


Animals may be led by leash on such portions of the Park District as designated for pedestrian traffic in Citizens Park. Animals are NOT ALLOWED in Langendorf Park or on the Teams Course in Ron Beese Park.

NISRA Membership

The Park District is a member of the Northern Illinois Special Recreation Association (NISRA). Seasonal brochures listing all of NISRA’s programs are available at the Park District office. Call (815) 459-0737 or go to for more information.

Community Organizations

Barrington Area Council on Aging: (847) 381-5030;
Barrington Area Soccer: (847) 381-2272;
Barrington Youth Baseball & Softball:
Barrington Youth Football:
Northern Illinois Special Recreation: (815) 459-0737;