Picnic Shelters
1 to 75 people $100/$125 per day
76 to 200 people $150/$200 per day
201 to 400 people $350/$425 per day
401+ people $600/$750 per day

Ron Beese Park picnic shelter

Reservations are taken after February 1st of each year. Each shelter holds 50 people comfortably.
All Park District programming rentals will be reserved first; therefore, the reservation schedule is as follows:

January 2nd through April 30 September 15th of the Prior Year
May 1st through August 31st January 15th of the Same Year
September 1st through Decemer 31st May 15th of the Same Year

Ron Beese Park shelter, viewed from the adjacent soccer field. There is a closed shelter, outdoor seating, and plenty of trash cans.

Challenge Course

The Barrington Park District offers a variety of Challenge Programs designed to meet the needs of a wide diversity of groups. All our programs are designed to bring together or strengthen your group and are tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. We believe that participants absorb more when they are physically, socially, intellectually and emotionally involved in the learning process.

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