Pool Lawn Rental

Rental Hours: 12:30 – 7:00pm in 2 hour blocks ONLY

Prime Fees: $40/hr for residents, $50/hr for non-residents

Payment for reserved number of guests is due at the time of reservation. A guest list will need to be turned in to the supervisor at least 2 days prior to the rental. For weekend rentals, the information must be turned in by Friday, 5:00pm.

The guest lists must include all individuals entering the pool over the age of two. There is a fee for ALL guests whether they will be swimming or not.

Parties are allowed to bring their own coolers with refreshments to the rental area. Please note: refrigerator or freezer space is not available to store your food, cake or ice cream.

Glass containers or alcoholic beverages are not allowed. Please keep food within the designated lawn rental area. No food will be allowed on the pool deck at any time.

Cancellation policy:  you may reschedule your pool party for another date if the weather is not ideal. Refunds will not be granted unless the Park District closes the pool during the time of your scheduled pool lawn rental.

Pool closing policy: at the discretion of the Pool Manager, Aqualusion may be closed at anytime without prior notice for safety, health, equipment failure, low attendance or weather conditions (air temperature 68 degrees or less, severe weather, etc).


Freddie Herriman Pederson Splashpad Rentals

Rental Hours: 3:00 – 4:30pm or 5:00 – 6:30pm; Sunday – Saturday

Fees: $300/$350