Pool Rules

For the safety of all pool users, we ask that participants adhere to  the following rules. Rule infractions are cause for dismissal from the pool.

1.    Admittance is by membership (pass) or daily use fee. All persons entering the pool, including spectators, must pay a fee.

2.    Season pass holders must have their pass scanned by the front desk personnel in order to enter the pool locker room and pool area.

3.    Children 10 and under must be under constant supervision of a person 16 years or older. For safety reasons, children may not be left unattended on the pool deck or in the concession areas.

4.    Children 5 years and older are not permitted in the locker room of the opposite gender. Children must be prepared to change their clothing or walk through the locker room on their own, if necessary. When possible, the Park District recommends that a parent or adult chaperone of the same sex accompany the child through the locker room.

5.    Pictures may not be taken in the locker room.

6.    FAMILY FRIENDLY lined bathing suits are required to enter water (unlined, mesh or cut-off shorts, spandex, sports bras, boxer shorts, leotards, or t-shirts are not allowed).

7.    Adults are given priority for chairs.


9.    Food and beverages are only permitted in the concession and grass areas.

10.  Children who are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers or tight fitting plastic pants.

11.   Smoking, of any kind, and alcohol are not permitted.  Patrons smoking or under the influence will be asked to leave.

12.   Strollers must be placed in grass areas only.

13.   Headfirst diving is only permitted from the diving board.

14.   Glass in any form is prohibited.

15.   No running on the pool deck.

16.   Children over 8 years old are not permitted in the zero depth pool.

17.   Street shoes are not allowed on the pool decks.

18.   All swimmers are encouraged to shower before entering the pool.

19.   All other state and local health codes apply.

20.   Children must be at least 42” tall to use any of the body or drop slides.

21.   Cell phones or Bluetooth devices may not be used at any time while in the water; this includes the zero depth pool.

22.   Horseplay is prohibited (chicken fights, wrestling, etc).

23.   Do not hang on the pool lane lines.

24.   Lap lanes are for those 14 years and older who are continuously swimming using a structured skill.



Zero-Depth Pool (Baby Pool)

For children ages 0 to 8; this small pool features water from zero to 2.5 feet and offers water play features including a polar bear slide.

Activity Pool

This pool offers a depth of 2.5 to 5 feet and features two 160-foot flume slides and three lap lanes (children must be 42″ tall to use the slides).

Deep Well Pool

The Deep Well pool is 12 feet deep and features two 10-foot drop slides and a one-meter diving board (children must be 42″ tall to use the Deep Well pool).

Freddie Herriman Pederson Splashpad

The Freddie Herriman Pederson Splashpad is an ADA accessible water spray ground that will provide hours of summer fun for ALL children!

Locker Rooms

Men’s and women’s locker rooms are available. See Aqualusion Pool Rules for guidelines when using locker rooms with children.


Concessions are available throughout the day when the pool is open to the public.

Pool Closings  

The following conditions may warrant closing of the Aqualusion Pool: inclement weather (i.e. thunder, lightning, tornado), air temperature below 68OF, low attendance, mechanical breakdown and/or health code requirements. Pool may close, early for special events/park programming.