The Park District is proud to offer our exclusive Fit Teen Program for teens between the ages of 14 – 17.

Fitness is essential for maintaining a healthy mind and body, preventing injury, disease, loss of mobility and mental decline. Establishing good habits at a young age gives teens an early advantage to enjoy quality of life as an adult.

All teens must complete a MANDATORY Fit Teen Orientation. During the orientation, Fit Teens will learn how to use fitness equipment properly and with the correct form, along with spotting techniques for lifting with a friend, all under the guidance of a Park District Certified Personal Trainer. Our Trainer will demonstrate how to use the cardio, strength and free weight machines and explain the Fitness Center Etiquette and Code of Conduct, ensuring that expectations are clear from the onset of the teen’s fitness membership.

In Orientation Packet (in the Downloads box to the right), you will find the teen membership pricing and our Fitness Center Etiquette & Code of Conduct. Please review it with your child. Upon completion of the Fit Teen Orientation, your child will be asked to sign the Orientation Checklist and Fitness Center Etiquette & Code of Conduct forms. Consequences of violating the Code of Conduct include being sent home for the day, suspension for a determined length of time or revocation of membership. These consequences are at the discretion of the Health & Fitness Manager.

Please contact the Fitness Desk at or (847) 304-5279 to schedule a Fit Teen Orientation for your child. A signed waiver by the parent or guardian and a payment of $35/$40 is due BEFORE your teen attends the orientation. Orientation is up to one hour long and is mandatory before membership is granted. Parents are welcome to attend orientation but are not required to be present.

Membership Information