Fitness Center Orientation

Orientation lasts approximately 1/2 hour and is designed to provide basic instruction on how to use the fitness equipment and familiarize members with the Fitness Center Regulations and Code of Conduct. New members ages 14 – 17 years are required to complete a Fit Teen Orientation before their passes will be issued (see below). Orientations are scheduled throughout the week; please contact the Fitness Center for an appointment (847) 304-5279.


Fitness Assessment

Fitness assessments are available for anyone wishing to evaluate his or her current fitness level. One of our Certified Personal Trainers will conduct each assessment, which may include but is not limited to the following:

  Cardio respiratory fitness and blood pressure.
  Body weight and body fat percentage.
  Body mass index (BMI) and skeletal muscle.
  Visceral fat (fat surrounding your organs).
  Flexibility, muscular strength and endurance.
  Postural and functional movement.

After completion of your assessment, the Trainer will compile your results and send you a detailed report via email. Contact the Fitness Center at (847) 304-5279 to schedule your appointment. Participants should wear comfortable, active clothing. Each person is required to sign a fitness waiver and complete a brief health history prior to the assessment. A doctor’s release may be necessary.  Fee: $45.


Fitness Center Regulations

In order to provide a safe and friendly exercise environment, Fitness Center members are expected to abide by all rules deemed necessary by the Park District.

•  New members ages 14 – 17 years must complete a mandatory Fit Teen Orientation before membership will be issued.
•  Members must swipe their pass card for entry into the Fitness Center.
•  Memberships are non-transferable.
•  We offer 2 types of payment plans for yearly memberships: annual payment which reflects a 10% discount or monthly Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
•  Registration form must be completely filled out, with fitness waiver signed and dated.
•  ID required – for resident rates, proof of residency is required.
•  College students must show a current College ID and proof of age (18 – 23 years).

Annual Payment Plan
  Payment for membership in full via cash, check or major credit card.
  Annual price reflects a 10% discount.

EFT Payment Plan
The Park District Fitness & Recreation Center offers a convenient monthly payment plan using automatic deductions from your credit card account.
  EFT memberships are perpetual (ongoing until a Program Cancellation Request form is completed and turned in).
  A one-year (twelve-month) commitment is required.
  Monthly rates are based on a twelve-month commitment, after which membership converts to month-to-month.
  Prices are subject to change after the one-year commitment is fulfilled.
  Credit cards only (AMEX not accepted for EFT).

Membership Refund Policy/Cancellations
For all cancellations and/or refunds, a Program Cancellation Request form must be completed, dated and signed by the Health and Fitness Manager. Cancellations and/or refunds will not be processed if any paperwork is missing or incomplete. A cancellation fee equal to one month’s dues will be applied to all 3-month and 12-month memberships. Proper paperwork must accompany the Program Cancellation Request form (i.e. doctor’s note, closing documents, etc).


Annual and 3-Month Memberships:
  Refunds will only be given in case of medical restrictions or moving out of the area (ten mile radius).
  Proper paperwork must accompany the Program Cancellation Request form (i.e. doctor’s note, closing documents, etc).
  Refunds are pro-rated from the date of purchase until the completed paperwork is turned in.

EFT Memberships:
•  One-year commitment required. Refunds will only be given in case of medical restrictions or moving out of the area (ten mile radius). Proper paperwork must accompany the Program Cancellation Request form (i.e. doctor’s note, closing documents, etc).
•  A cancellation fee equal to one month’s dues will be applied if cancelling within the first year of the membership under qualifying cancellation policies.
•  After one year, a patron may request to cancel their membership only in writing with no penalty.
•  Program Cancellation Request form must be received by the first of the month to avoid the current month’s charge.


Age Restrictions

  All Fitness Center members must be at least 14 years old. Ages 14 – 17 years must complete a mandatory Fit Teen Orientation before using the Fitness Center. A fee of $35/$40 applies.
  Members under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian sign all waivers and forms at the time of membership purchase.
  There are no time restrictions on teen or college student memberships. They may use the Fitness Center facility anytime during regular business hours.


 Personal Belongings, Dress and Etiquette
  Personal belongings (bags, coats, etc.) must be kept in a locker at all times. No overnight storage is allowed.
  Members must dress appropriately. Shirts and gym shoes are required (no street shoes, Crocs™ or sandals; you must change into workout shoes).
  Slamming and dropping of weights and talking on cell phones while in the Fitness Center is strictly prohibited.


Etiquette & Code of Conduct

The Barrington Park District Fitness Center welcomes patrons ages 14 years and up to enjoy the pursuit of fitness in a safe, considerate and respectful manner. As the Fitness Center is an adult facility, teen guests ages 14 – 17 years old are invited to participate ONLY after completing a mandatory Fit Teen Orientation with a Park District Certified Personal Trainer. Failure to follow the behavior and etiquette expectations outlined in this Etiquette and Code of Conduct will result in consequences including but not limited to: being sent home for the day, suspension for a determined length of time or permanent dismissal from the Fitness Center. These consequences are at the discretion of the Health & Fitness Manager.
   Show respect to all Park District staff, Fitness Center members and equipment.
  Wear appropriate clothing, including a shirt and closed-toe shoes. Bare feet, sandals, flip-flops, Crocs™, high heels and boots are not allowed.  Guests must wear gym shoes at all times on the Fitness Floor.
  Sealed water bottles are allowed on the Fitness Floor, track or studios. Food and gum are not permitted.
  Personal belongings, such as gym bags and coats, are to be stored in the lockers.
  Lockers are to be used ONLY while working out. Belongings must be cleaned out of lockers after completing a workout.
  Locker rooms are for changing, showering and using the restroom only. Patrons are invited to use the lobbies on the first or second floor for socializing.
  Use equipment for its intended purpose. For clarification on how to use the equipment or to inquire about an equipment orientation, please see a member of the Fitness staff.
  Be aware of other participants on the Fitness Floor and allow others to “work in”,  returning settings to previous user’s setup. Rests between sets should take place off the machine.
  Keep equipment out of aisles and walkways.
  When using the stretching area, ensure that your body and equipment are not encroaching on the walkway. The stretching area is for exercising and not for congregating to socialize.
  Cell phone conversations are prohibited on the Fitness Floor, track, studios and locker rooms. Guests should not sit on equipment to use cell phones. Taking pictures and videos is not allowed on the Fitness Floor, track, studios or locker rooms.
  Refrain from yelling, using profanity, banging or dropping weights or making loud sounds. Heavy weights should be used with control. If weight cannot be controlled, a lower weight should be used.
  Wipe down equipment before and after each use.
  Throw trash away in the waste bins located throughout the Fitness Center.
  Pick up after yourself when finished exercising. Return all equipment and accessories to their original locations. Re-rack dumbbells and weight plates. Return mats, benches and risers, stability balls, medicine balls, bands, foam rollers and BOSUs® to their original location.
  Memberships are non-transferrable. Passing memberships cards to others will result in loss of membership privileges.
  Any personal training, paid or unpaid, provided by a non-Park District employee, is prohibited.
  Members that violate this Fitness Center Etiquette and Code of Conduct or otherwise engage in inappropriate conduct are subject to  suspension or revocation of membership privileges.

Free Weight Area Etiquette

•   Avoid congregating around machines to ensure that all patrons have access. A maximum of twelve people are allowed in the free weight area.
•   Two people are allowed at the bench press; one person lifting the barbell, and a second person actively spotting.
•   One person is allowed at each machine. For the cable machines, two people are allowed; one per cable.
•   Do not leave dumbbells, cable machine accessories, barbells or personal items scattered on the floor. This is a safety hazard.
•   Refrain from horseplay while using the free weight area equipment. Using this equipment properly can help prevent serious injury.