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Home School Karate (Winter/Spring)

For Ages: All Ages

Join other home school students in karate class. The instructors are wonderful and warm. They encourage students to do their best. Children progress at their own pace. Belt tests are offered at the end of each session for an additional $15 (no fee for stripe tests).

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The Brave Way Self-Defense Training for Youth, Teens & Adults (Winter/Spring)

For Ages: 8 years and up

We will teach you the techniques that will stop an attacker immediately. They are easy to learn and use, do not require constant practice years or years of training to master, and work regardless of your age, size, strength, speed, skill or physical ability. You'll work with a partner to learn the methods taught in class which include defenses against armed and unarmed attackers; single/multiple attackers; standing, sitting, and ground techniques; and rape defense/prevention. You'll learn to anticipate and avoid potentially dangerous situations and how to defend yourself from a physical attack including; grabs, punches, chokes, bear hugs, headlocks, kicks, knives, guns, and more from a much bigger and stronger attacker.

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W. Kim Taekwando (Winter/Spring)

For Ages: 4 years and up

With a right balance of exercise and skills training that will build endurance, strength, flexibility and mental toughness, students learn the principles of respect, willpower, and the satisfaction of doing their best.

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