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Kid Rock (Fall)

For Ages: 2 - 3 years with parent

Fine and gross motor skills are improved through imagination exercises, and by using rhythm instruments and movement props such as tambourines, maracas, scarves and a parachute.

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Music Masters 1 (Fall)

For Ages: 8 - 20 months with parent

Music is essential to your baby's development. Rhythmic books and multi-sensory music activities are used to help families enhance language development and motor skills and stimulate an early love of music.

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Music Masters 2 (Fall)

For Ages: 18 - 36 months with Parent

Music is the perfect way to engage energy, independence and social awareness. Creative music, movement, rhyme books and instrument play stimulate language and motor development.

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Music Masters 3 (Fall)

For Ages: 36 months and older with adult

Music Masters by Music-in-the-Box is an irresistible music education program for very young children that engages the mind, body and sense. Classes are designed around developmental stages, and ages are a guide.

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Tot Rock (Fall)

For Ages: 12 - 24 months with parent

Each session focuses on a new educational theme that incorporates hand held instruments, play props, sensory integration, coordination exercises and socialization.

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