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Adorable Christmas Puppies

For Ages: 3 - 12 years

Each child will have an adorable dog to stuff and bring to life. You will then select a special name for your new puppy to fill out on his or her birth certificate. We will also be decorating tee shirts, a rhinestone collar, and a blanket to lie on.

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American Girl Birthday Party

For Ages: 3 - 5 years with parent and 5 - 12 years

Girl’s you won’t want to miss to miss this special American Girl Doll birthday party in honor of our favorite doll. Other favorite similar sized dolls are also welcome. All participants will enjoy decorating a special birthday outfit, jewels and crown for their doll along with a birth certificate. A party wouldn’t be complete without…

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Barbie's 55th Birthday Class

For Ages: 4- 12 years

Barbie just turned 55 this year! So to celebrate we will be making her some new furniture and blanket. Also we will be having a Birthday Party for her! How fun!!! Sign-up early! Class will fill up! Instructors: Ultimate Classes & Parties Locations: F&RC - John Sullivan Room A

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Brain Freeze a Bully

For Ages: 6 - 12 years

Whether it be on the bus, playground, or at an extracurricular activity, kids can now ward off a bossy obnoxious kid or a full-blown bully offender with the skills secured in this workshop. Through electrifying games like Claw Machine Chaos, Story Glory, Marshmallow Melt and Bossy Beans, children will learn the 5 top reasons why a…

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Daddy/Daughter: Holiday Heart to Hold Gift Class

For Ages: 3 - 10 years

This class is full of “heart” and is perfect for making homemade gifts with love and thought for family members. Each couple will make 3 treasured gifts including a pottery and wood craft as well as a beautiful crystal beaded piece all from the HEART!  Holiday spirits and festive music provided. A wrapping station will complete the gift.

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Dance Divas “WERQING” it Party

For Ages: 7 - 13 years

Glitzy Girlz has teamed up with amazing instructors of the new craze “WERQ” dance. The class will bring the energy and the fun! Along with “WERQ” choreography the girls will do fun dances like Limbo and line dancing. Sign up with a group of friends and wear your FAV workout outfit!

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Discovery Language Programs: Spanish for Pre-Schoolers

Learning a new language is always an exciting adventure, a real “Discovery” of a whole new world and the people in it. Children are most receptive to foreign language learning between birth and age twelve.  The earlier a foreign language is introduced, the more easily a greater level of understanding and fluency is achieved. Discovery…

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Fruits & Veggies to the Rescue

For Ages: 4- 7 years

Who knew fruits & veggies could be so FUN?! This program taps into kids' imaginations and love of superheroes, to inspire them to love and eat fruits & veggies. The program includes dressing up as a Superhero and Junk Food characters for an interactive show with EPIC Battle Station that includes a zany bubble machine,…

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Got Communication and Confidence? Holiday Edition

For Ages: 6 - 12 years

In a world where everyone is looking down at their tablet or phone, our youth is evolving into a generation with limited skills in communication and confidence. Communication REALLY is more than a text, email, video game, or hanging out on social media. Through an incredibly fun and high energy workshop, kids will have the chance to…

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For Ages: 4-5 & 55 years and up

The Barrington Park District is proud to offer our very first intergenerational program, Grand-Friends! Enjoy an hour each month spending time with your new special friend. Each month will be a new theme with books to read and projects to create. This program is designed to help young children further advance their socialization skills while…

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