About the Park

Ron Beese Park is Barrington Park District’s largest park that is located on the south end of Barrington. This 80-acre park features 2 football fields, 4 soccer fields, 2 baseball fields, 3 multi-use fields for LAX, soccer and football practices, all nestled up against the Illinois Nature Preserve. Garden plots (known as community gardens) are also available to rent at this location. The park includes an enclosable shelter with restrooms and a playground for all ages to enjoy. The Barrington Park District’s Teams Challenge Course is also hidden amongst the trees at Beese Park. This unique team building course is located at the park’s entrance and incorporates many hiking, running and cross-country skiing trails for the residents to experience and appreciate.

Ron Beese Park Rentals

Ron Beese Park has several facilities that can be rented for various parties and gatherings. Visit the Ron Beese Park rentals page to learn more

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Featured in Ron Beese Park:

  • Baseball/Softball Fields
  • Football Fields
  • Garden Plots
  • Hiking/Cross-Country
  • Playground
  • Soccer/LaCrosse Fields
  • Restroom Facility
  • Ski Trails
  • Team Challenge Course