Splashpad young children's spray park. A young child in a wheelchair is being assisted by another child, enjoying the park.

Tubular Tuesdays: Kids Activity Days at the Pool

Activites for kids randomly between 1:00 – 3:00pm at Aqualusion Pool. Daily admission or season pass required.

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Arial view of the Aqualusion pool

New Update

Aqualusion Pool: Red Water Depth Security Line

Aqualusion pool now has a permanent red water depth security line on the pool floor! This line serves as a warning to swimmers that there is a change in water depth to deeper water. Please pass this information alont to each family member. Together we can make sure we have a wonderful, safe summer!


Members of the Stingray aquatic team swimming lapsStingrays Swim Team

For Ages: 5 Years and up

The Stingrays Swim Team is for anyone who loves to have fun and learning new swimming skills in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. From June 16 to July 17*, students will work on speed, strength and endurance of strokes. Regular swim meets will be held against surrounding communities.

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