Let’s Hit the Slopes!

Come be a part of the fun! In conjunction with Station and Prairie Middle Schools and St. Anne School, the Barrington Park District organizes a variety of ski trips for grades 6 - 8. Whether you’re a black-diamond skier or just learning how to walk in those crazy boots, this is your opportunity to hit the slopes with your friends from middle school. Buses will take skiers to the slopes at various locations all around our area. Trips are held on Friday evenings from January 18 to February 15 (the trip on February 16 is an all-day trip). The  Middle School Ski Club gives you a great way to learn a new and rewarding sport and make tons of new friends, too.

Middle School Ski Trip Dates

All trips depart and return to Citizens Park, 511 Lake Zurich Road.
Fees will be listed in the winter/spring guide and at Ski Club registration.

Date Location Time
1/18 Wilmot 4:45 - 10:45pm
1/25 Mountain Top @ Grand Geneva 4:45 - 10:45pm
2/1 Wilmot 4:45 - 10:45pm
2/8 Alpine Valley 4:45 - 11:00pm
2/15 Cascade Mountain 7:30am - 7:30pm

Individual trip fee information will be posted beginning November 5. For more information, please e-mail skiclub@barringtonparkdistrict.org or call (847) 381-0687.


THURS., NOV. 8 AND Wed., NOV. 14

Registration for the Barrington Middle School Ski Club will be held at the Barrington Park District (235 Lions Drive) on Thursday, November 8 and Wednesday, November 14 from 7:00 - 8:15pm. You do not register for individual trips at this meeting; you are registering for your chaperone date and to become a member of the ski club. Registration for individual trips takes place at school the Tuesday before each trip.

The informational meeting will start at 7:00pm (registrations will not be accepted before 7:15pm). You will receive a number as you arrive at the meeting, and registration for chaperone dates will be taken on a first come, first-served basis.

If you cannot attend one of the meetings, registration will only be accepted late at the BPD 11/19/18-12/31/18, provided the maximum has not been met. There is a $15 late processing fee. Sorry, no exceptions.

Fees & Information

Please bring TWO checks with you; a portion of the fees are paid to the Park District and a portion to BMS - PTO. There is a $30 non-refundable registration fee per child (maximum $90 per family). Please make this check payable to the Barrington Park District. To help keep track of the children on the trip, each child is required to wear a red neck gator on every trip they attend (neck gators are $7 each), payable by check to Barrington Park District. Chaperone deposit check is $150 and needs to be made payable to the BMS - PTO. Parents with two children participating in ski club are required to pick 2 chaperone dates. Please bring two seperate $150 checks made payable to the Barrington Park District. (St. Anne’s students - please make your chaperone check out to St. Anne’s Home and School). As long as you fulfill your chaperone commitment, your check will be voided and destroyed. You will receive a voucher packet at BPD Registration. You pay for individual trips at school during the lunch hour on the Tuesday before each trip.


As a new policy this year, parents with two or more children participating in ski club will be required to chaperone TWO trips.

All parents are requested to chaperone at least once during the season, twice if you have two or more children participating in ski club. Please bring a calendar to the meeting; you will be expected to select a chaperone date at the meeting. Chaperone dates are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis at registration. You will also need to provide a $150 chaperone deposit payable to BMS - PTO or St. Anne’s Home and School, if you are a St. Anne’s student. If you have 2 or more children participating in ski club please bring 3 checks: One made payable to Barrington Park District (registration, $30, Fee & Neck Gator,$7) and TWO SEPARATE checks made out to BMS PTO (St. Anne’s families, please make checks payable to St. Anne’s Home and School)  (Chaperone deposit, TWO $150 checks). As long as you fulfill your chaperone commitment, your check will be voided and destroyed. If you choose not to chaperone, your deposit check will be cashed. Chaperones must be a parent or legal guardian of participant.