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Junior Tennis

For Ages: 4-13 years

Our tennis programs emphasize fun, fitness and friendship. All programs provide a wide variety of instruction, including stroke development, strategy, court positioning, shot selection, footwork and  supervised match play. All classes are taught by E-Town Tennis, USTA Certified Instructors.

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NERF Battle (Winter/Spring)

For Ages: 8- 11 years

We will transform the gym into an arena for the kids to battle and play fun competitive games. Each week we will have skill challenges where the kids will get to practice and compete in different aspects of nerf action, then we will have an all-out battle to wrap up each week. Nerf has many benefits including teamwork, exercise, disciplined fun and learning to balance competition with good sportsmanship.

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NERF Battle Night

For Ages: 6 - 13 years

NERF has been a longtime fan-favorite, and has evolved into an action-packed activity.  Kids will enjoy a full hour of running around the gym, which will be covered with different elements to hide and blast behind, all while playing a wide variety of challenging NERF Battle games.  Participants are able to bring their own NERF blasters from home, but additional equipment will be provided.

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Soccer (Winter/Spring)

For Ages: 3 - 8 years

Every child should experience the world's most popular game in a way that will put the "fun" in fundamental. All the necessary skills will be covered that will enhance their confidence and prepare them for future play. Dribbling, passing, shooting and teamwork will be priorities during every class. Shin guards are optional.

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T-Ball Skills Clinics (Winter/Spring)

For Ages: 3 - 7 years

Our T-Ball classes teach the fundamentals in a fun and interactive way with the kids. In this program, your little one will learn to hit, throw, field, and run the bases like a pro! Bats are provided, so we only ask that you bring your own glove. Our coaches engage the kids and work to make sure every child is involved and learning.

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Track For Kids (Winter/Spring)

For Ages: 7 - 10 Years

In this class, athletes learn basic track concepts while being encouraged to do their best one step at a time. Starting with a warm-up and ending with a cool-down, each class outlines competition in track events focusing on fundamentals, effort and consistency. Goals will be met. It’s time to get moving and improving!

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Volley Series Match Play (Winter/Spring)

For Ages: 10 - 14 years

The coach’s lesson plan will guide the team in weekly training for 90 minutes. The first 10 minutes each day, the teams will learn team defense and offense positions while they improve on their fundamentals of passing, setting, spiking and overhand serving.  Match play will begin the first day.

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Volleyball Skills & Drills (Winter/Spring)

For Ages: 9 - 11 years

Improve your volleyball game with 60 minutes of drills in setting, passing, overhand serving and spiking. You'll learn to overhand serve and develop skills to play games. The lesson plan directs the use of self-mastery training and groups that help each student reach a new level. Instructors organize fun games at the end of each class.

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Volleykidz (Winter/Spring)

For Ages: 6 - 9 years

Introduce your child to the fun of volleyball! Volleykidz is an introductory class for children in kindergarten through third grade. The course introduces the pass, set and spike using a very light volleyball. Volleykidz helps improve hand/eye coordination and left/right coordination through the use of fun drills and gross motor games.

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W. Kim Taekwando (Winter/Spring)

For Ages: 4 years and up

We teach the fundamentals by combining the time-tested Eastern philosophy of martial arts with a modern approach of Western teaching philosophy. We offer a well-balanced program for adults and children that emphasizes respect, self-esteem, fitness and integrity.

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