Private Drum Lessons (Winter/Spring)

4 - 5 years and 6 years & up

These one-on-one private lessons are designed for beginner (ages 4-5), intermediate and advanced students. All styles, including rock, jazz, funk and blues are taught. If interested, students can also learn Mallet Percussion. Each lesson is 25 minutes in length for ages 4-5 and 30-mintues in length for ages 6 through adult. All lessons are designed for the individual needs of each student. Prior to the start date of the session, the instructor will contact you with the time of your lesson. If you would be interested in a Private Lesson on a Monday after school, please contact Kim Sweeney at .

Instructors: Tom Corrao or Norb Kosinski

Locations: F&RC – Preschool Room A

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